Fashion on the Beat

The book

Fashion on the Beat is the story of a creative, a fashionista, and a college student whose academic path has been unusual and unexpected. From this collection of experiences, you’ll find ways to connect with your creativity, learn from the fashion industry, as well as from the journalism and media industry in general.

I wrote this book because I wanted to explore what are the meanings and reasons behind fashion journalism, a branch of the media that is often underrated. Many were the times when college students would ask me how to keep it up with their passions while pursuing their careers at school. The same goes for the many creatives who have asked me how is it like to balance education and creativity, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. Given my background and the multiple stories I’ve lived, I wanted to write my stories and thoughts, so that I could share my skills and knowledge on how to find and invest in your passions.

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The podcast

Fashion On The Beat is also the name of the podcast with which I give an audio experience to my readers. In this podcast I read and discuss the pieces I post here on my blog. Comments and streams of consciousness are the protagonists of this show. Be part of the show too, listen and tune in!

And… What else?

Fashion On The Beat is a multimedia project, mixed with audio, visuals, written words, and… who knows what else in the future? What can I say? Stay woke and tuned!

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