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Dear readers,

Due to the Corona Virus, I wasn’t able to go Santo Domingo, in Dominican Republic. I wanted to be there so bad. I already miss Porto Rico every single day, craving its vibes and sun, but when there’s a pandemic going on you can’t really risk that much. Santo Domingo was supposed to be that necessary break. Nevertheless, staying at home and keep limitations to your traveling is key.

It’s been more than a month that I’ve been doing my researches on Dominican culture, specifically in fashion trends and music. As much as I see myself as a fashion writer and journalist, I dedicate a great portion of my time in listening and discovering new music. I genuinely believe that music is a passionof mine, but I don’t think I have a talent to invest my creativity in. Mind you, I used to sing well when I was younger, but it’s been a long time since I lost my vocal knacks. Maybe it’s a matter of time and my lungs and throat just need to be disciplined, but right now I rely more on my writing skills. I express my devotion and love to music by listening to all genres and learn from each melody, beat, and lyrics. You can learn a lot through music. It was thanks to rap and jazz I’ve learned about the USA. Soca made me fall in love again with Brazilian Funk and Latino music, and contemporary Italian songs made me feel more attached to my motherland and its sociological issues.

During one of my live sessions on Spoon Radio, I received many suggestions from the listeners when I asked them about Hispanic singers, specifically upcoming and contemporary rappers. Among the several ones I got the chance to listen to, these were the ones that I like most.

Snow tha product

So many podcasts and YouTube channels can give you a sneak peak on how the music industry works. The most popular content in these platforms are interviews, like The Breakfast Club, or acoustic sessions, like BBC Radio.

This American-Mexican artist was totally new to me, yet very glad to found her out. A Cali girl, a Latina woman, Claudia Alexandria Feliciano has all the cards to play in the music game, especially to her Hispanic and biracial listeners.

My favorite song is Bilingue. Maybe because I’m bilingual too? I don’t know, but I found it pretty relatable and catchy. Influenced by rap old school as well as early 2000s R&B, Snow Tha Product brings a refreshing sound in the Hispanic community, creating a link between two cultures and two countries, Mexico and the USA.


Danielle Leigh (who goes by DaniLeigh) is a Florida born dancer, choreographer, and rapper who currently lives in Los Angeles. Born and raised in a Dominican household, the artist is proud to show off her heritage and features to the public in such a fun and engaging way. What I like about DaniLeigh is that she really gives the impression to be a lively person, who in addition to dancing is adding an exponential music career. Among her songs, Craving is my most beloved one, followed by Can’t Relate.

I hope she drops more songs out there. She has a talent in incorporating both dance and music together. You can see the confidence she has in her moves, sensual and harsh, captivating and smooth. She also puts together Latino elements into rap scenarios, something that it’s becoming more and more common, but at the same time more challenging to be unique and ear-catching.


Yup, she is the light-skinned girl who’s gonna break your heart. Straight-forward, hyper-sensual: many would say freak, a bad b*tch, or a bomb woman. Anyways, this is Melii, and her swag pops and glows in any setting she happens to be.

So far, she has only one album out, called PhAses. She could be easily defined the Latin version of Megan Thee Stallion. She embodies a New Yorker pride mixed with a rebellious feminine side. SHe wants to break the rules, while being sweet and determined to make her space under the spotlight. You definitely have to be in a certain mood to listen to her.

Danay Suarez

Cuban singer Danay uses a gentle tone to present herself. She brought hip hop into Cuba and has developed a solid fan base in Europe, especially in France.

Danay doesn’t have a gangster attitude. She is poetic and mellow in her delivery, sometimes even somber and dark. However, she is an underrated artist whose appeal and likability could grow with no doubts. However, her work is very specific and concentrated in different areas of the world, so getting to listen to her music can be a little challenging at the beginning. If you already know Latino music and Spanish, Danay would still be a nice discovery and a great experience to hear of.

If you’d like to tune in and be part of my live sessions, pull up on Spoon Radio. I will come up soon with a calendar, but you can either follow me there on Fashion On The Beat, available on Spotify.


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