Oh, dear sweet Megan! We got you!

Dear readers,

Or should I say hotties? Ah!

In the first week of International Women’s Month, two admirable and talented women have released their art. Jhenè Aiko with her third studio album “Chilombo” and Megan Thee Stallion with her unexpected public reveal of her fifth album “Suga“. Megan’s work has had a turbulent outcoming, though.

While facing a court lawsuit against her record label 1501 Certified Entertainment, Megan is still showing off her charisma and positivity throughout all this chaotic moment she is living.

Famous for her adlibs and catchy phrases, which defined her social and viral millennial movementHot girl Summer“, Megan displays a new façade of her in the tracks inside “Suga“. Without any doubts or surprise, her rap rhymes are delivered on point, with ardent and stingy statements against the patriarchy, the fake people she claims to be involved with, and whatever emotion triggers her. Nothing sounds like is able to stop the stallion. However, there are some pieces in which she portrays her sweet side, where femininity comes off as a delicate and thoughtful emotional side of hers, always with the presence of captivating beats.

The event Megan is facing is relevant and needs to be talked about. The reason why she is taking to court her record label is that there have been misunderstandings and little transparency in filing and signing documents between the two parties, her team and her record label company. As a creative person, art is such a precious and rewarding talent that must be taken seriously when you want to make a profit out of it. Pride and greediness should be avoided at all costs, giving space to collective flexibility and cooperative understanding when making music, visual art, or writing.

Legal issues are painful obstacles, but when it comes to business they are almost inevitable. For this reason, I think that having an education around the management of your creativity at an early age, no matter what the field of your work is in, would be beneficial. Being creative is an impermanent state of mind and a capability that many of us possess, but only a few are able to balance it at its best.

Given her background and her career not only as an artist but also as a college student pursuing a degree while fulfilling her artistic dreams, Megan gains all my respect. She is learning how to be a woman in the music industry, in the world. I applaud her for that and wish her the best. Her professionalism, as well as her creativity, will be rewarded and are definitely an example to many of us who are in school. Go Megan, go!

From a little pony,



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