NYFW as birthday girl and fashion journalist

Dear readers,

Last week was New York Fashion Week, full of events, concerts, fashion shows, and interviews, everything in the Big Apple. As an undergraduate college student living in a suburban area, where transportation is not always the area’s strongest suit , I wasn’t able to attend all the events I would have loved to be part of. However, I got the chance to spend a wonderful and remarkable week-end with both my friends and a fashion show I walked in with my agency, African By Art.

I’m an Aquarius baby, born on that distant Friday, February 14th. Twenty and more years later who would have thought that I was gonna end up celebrating my birthday in Manhattan with my closest friends at Quartino in Bleecker Street?

After a whole week being busy with school and collecting nots and fashion data for my upcoming book, I had an chill and relaxing dinner with my homegirls. While I was organizing the party, and then when the girls showed up at the restaurant, I realized how diverse and vibrant is my group of friends. I genuinely think that this was my biggest gift, realizing how many and what kind of people are around me.

If I had gone through rough times and survived them, part of the job was because of my friends. I am thankful to have expanded and built this emotional immune system, because living in New York City as an international brown young woman, into fashion and journalism – two though industries – can be difficult and draining. There have been times when I wanted to give up everything. Sometimes I still think that what I want to do is impossible or too big for me, but my few good people are there to support me. They won’t provide me solutions. They might not know how to navigate certain aspects of my interests, as a model, as a writer, as an immigrant. However, I know that they are willing to listen to me, no matter how far away or how long it takes them to text me back. For me, realizing and seeing on my own this thing going on in my life has been the biggest birthday gift I could receive and give myself.

Two days later I walked my third NYFW show with African By Art. It was an interesting experience. I’m usually comfortable and easy going with street wear or short dresses, but this time I got to dress a long tight siren-shaped dress. At first I thought that I wasn’t gonna be able to walk or perform good at all, but then I delivered a solid walk. My managers were happy as well as the guests. This proved me how much I love modeling and if I had the chance to walk and attend more fashion shows I’d be glad to do so.

Hair by Leesa. Make up by Vee. My favourite part of a fashion show is actually the backstage, where I can see what’s going on with the dresses, the creative direction, and how the models interact with each others. We can build so much within a backstage space, many conversations and new skills to learn as a creative.

I know that I shouldn’t say what I wished when I was blowing off the candle from my ice cream dessert at my dinner party, but I wished to be healthy, to go and walk into warm places, where I’m looked and welcomed with love. I understand now more my passions and what I want to get out of them. No matter what I want to do and what life will offer me, writing will be at the core of my passions. Through my writing I hope to represent those whose voices are not loud enough, and with the colorful world of fashion I want to portray them and make them represented. I think that this is the kind of love that I should aim to, because it’s something that I enjoy doing and that people appreciate from me the most.

Cheers to my work and the present moment,

let’s cherish the past as learned lessons and the future as upcoming blessings,


the curly flower

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