Damn Bojack… but I love you!

Dear readers,

Bojack Horseman has come to an end. Its last eight episodes were released January 31st. Is it the end of Bojack’s series, though? I wish it wasn’t, but I’m also relieved that this might the end of my favourite tv horse celebrity. See, I love Bojack because he’s a sensitive screwed-up character, who tries to make it better, but always hits rock bottom… but damn, I wish I could see more of Bojack.

I think it’s very clever how the authors have thought in managing and marketing their show by extending the character’s life of Bojack outside the tv show: his social media handles are treated just like if it was Bojack himself typing and posting the content. It makes the whole thing more genuine.

Without spoiling any juice, Bojack’s story is both a remarkable and lame one: a typical Hollywood self-centered actor, full of privileges and connections, who enters in challenging and dangerous situations all the time, without realizing right away the best ways to make out of his position. However, he’s not a basic character and his actions might find justifications in his early childhood. His parents were not the best role models a son could follow. Young Bojack’s innocence brought him far away from that first toxic environment, taking him to the mecca of the arts, Los Angeles. What has made Bojack special was his ability to meet amazing friends and getting himself into weird situations. Here he came across many people (animals too I might say, considering the cartoon’s universe) who shaped him so deeply that he could only be the “Xerox of a Xerox“, a phrase that Bojack says in order to express his constant condition of being passive among and in front of the public.

Poor Bojack. At the end of the season there are some details that I think should’ve cleared up better. As a fan of the show I thought that leaving to the viewer’s imagination what Bojack’s daughter might have thought of him, Todd’s life with his girlfriend, and just a sneak peek of Mr. Peanutbutter’s life after splitting up with Pickles would’ve been a cooler move from the writers. On the other side, Diane’s side was elaborated enough to give an idea and finally she deserved the… happy ending she needed to have.

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I launched this project three months ago, when the trailer for the final season was launched and the inspiration struck. The funny thing is, it took less time for BoJack to acknowledge it than for me to write my own letter. I feel like every post and comment and DM I’ve been writing here for the past three years are part of that declaration. This “I’m a superfan” thing is a new side of me that I discovered as things moved forward and what keeps me shielded from all of the “omG yoU’re so oBsesSed WIth sHow” kind of comment is the fact that what keeps me coming back for more are the main values behind it. Raphael once said BoJack is an optimistic show and I 100% believe that. Not only because it keeps teaching you things, or at least showing you how to be held accountable for everything you put into the world but also because the people behind it are the most genuinely wonderful human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. They’re aware of the impact of the stories they’re telling and are not afraid of correcting paths when needed. Anyways… what I’m struggling to say is that this show changed my life. In a way that I don’t fully understand, from small things like improving my English (shoutout to all the non-English speakers out there: stop apologizing! You’re all doing great!) to making peace with the little voice inside of my head (we went from fully stupid piece of sh*t mode to hey, you’re kind of cool!) and many other aspects that, hopefully, make me a better person now. And that’s the legacy of BoJack Horseman. They say a good story can show you character development but what BoJack did extrapolated the script. I’m a better version of myself now. And by all the letters I’ve read for this project, I know for sure I’m not alone on that. So, here’s a quick exercise for the comments or maybe for your letter if you decide to send me one for the project: move away from that anxiety for Friday just for a second. Focus on yourself and answer this honestly, how have you improved since you started watching this show? And if you haven’t, don’t worry, remember it took BoJack six seasons for that. 😅#bojackhorseman #bojack #letterstobojack.

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Bojack’s future seems unsure. His pessimism brought him to many rock bottoms, but his faith in his friends leveled up his quality of life. We can say that at the end of this season he finally realized that it’s been quite a journey the one he had faced with his friends and coworkers, but it’s time to go on by yourself. The best conclusion was defined by Princess Carolyne and Judah, her husband. Yes, I’m sorry, I’ll say it: workaholic, caring, lovable, spinster, heartbroken Princess Carolyn marries a man who loves her for who she is and what she does! I loved to see it.

What I learned with this show were many things. On an extent I laughed at the movies industry in LA, which of course takes a big part of the show itself. What struck me in this show were the subtle punchlines that Bojack and other characters, like Diane and Princess Carolyn, would say to each other, especially while arguing or discussing over heavy topics. I appreciated the social activism portrayed in many episodes, specifically the issues related to sexism, feminism, and gender equality at the workplace. The mere fact that the universe of Bojack is made of both humans and animals reminded me that the real world is full of divers people, hence our natures differ a lot among each other. The addition of the animals highlights the idea of diversity, in my opinion. I think that it was a nice touch.

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[greetings from messy grrrl films: a tribute] when i initially created this account my intention is to document my love and appreciation for films foremost, however from the get go i knew it would never necessarily be just about films— i knew i would want to extend this ode to all things films and tv and pop culture related. so for my first post i thought it would be fitting to write away my love to bojack horseman [a series of the unfortunate events lived by and narrated through a horse man's point of view] after the final season premiered yesterday. personally, i have too many leftover feelings after finishining the series [forever], without giving away too much i'll say this about this gutwrenching, bittersweet, hilarious, beautiful and depressing little series, is really how much it humanizes humans without ever trying to belittle them. i would want to write a lot on bojack's characterisation and growth throughout but i dont think this is the post for that. this is more as a dedication to diane nguyen and princess carolyn. theres no way not to compare myself when i watch how they've been given the chance to fully develop as characters for the whole of six seasons. we see them deal with obstacles as women in the industry, balancing work-life stress, being a mother, not being a mother, equally struggle in answering the existential questions on happiness and sadness and worthiness and trauma and the emotional baggage that comes with it. learning to let one be helped by another. being vulnerable. letting go of people that you no longer need in your life. i see them both in me when i first watched the series at the tender age of 18, still do at 20 and definitely for the many years to come. possibly two of the most deeply humane written female characters i have seen, may we see others more like these two. it's all nice while it lasted yet it hurts just a little too much. p.s: screengrabs are from the last episode of season 1 and season 6 bojack horseman (2014-2020) created by raphael bob waksberg

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Ok then. Bojack Horseman wil probably stop to get in trouble now. At least he didn’t disappear… or died… or…

… you should watch this series. You can learn tons on yourself while laughing and smiling a lot. If you like dark humor, of course. And if you like messy, complicated stories, with a touch of liquor, drama, and smoke: so Bojack.


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