Influence, please!

Dear readers,

The world of fashion it’s such a dynamic one. Literally every day, every hour, there’s a piece of news that you can be hooked on. Pitti Uomo in Florence, Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week… and what I was doing all this time? I was mostly reading my books like Over-dressed by Ms. Cline, listening to my list of podcasts, and evaluating both my writing and fashion journey. However, I made time to dissect and fully embrace my personal understanding and approach to the fashion world. The only way to do it was by being active, proficient, and attentive on social media. If you want to be part of this industry, you should have a social media interaction. And if you happen to be into fashion journalism, you have to be hooked on news, all kinds of news, somehow. This doesn’ mean that you have to post stories, pictures of yourself or the world all the time, or even have a social media account (which helps lots, but it’s not essential). What is fundamental in journalism (and specifically fashion journalism), it’s the ability to read, elaborate a topic, making it meaningful, find a purpose, and putting your words out there. 

Fashion journalism should spark solid conversations. It’s not a matter of describing the newest designer’s collection or how beautiful is a top-model. It’s more like describing what’s the impact this designer is willing to make and how socially engaged is that top-model. And speaking of models and social media engagement, I must spend some time typing about Damion.


I’ve virtually met Damion on Twitter. Damion is a fashion/lifestyle influencer. What caught my attention at first with Damion was at first his sharp face, with those deep dark brown eyes and smooth chocolate skin. Then I noticed his vibrant personality through a couple of tweets, but ultimately I understood what moved him to be such a strong person. Damion has cerebral palsy, a movement disorder that makes the body unable to move smoothly, whose coordination is slower than usual. Damion’s dream is to be a model. And he’s got all the cards to be who he wants to be, because honestly, who hasn’t? If you want it, you’ll get it. Damion’s constructive positivity and inner fierce will take him far away in whatever industry he plans to land. It’s his perseverance that struck me.

This week Damion posted a video on his Twitter account, where he discusses the meaning of “influencer”. As a social media consumer, I do follow a couple of influencers and I consider myself an influencer. I say so because, given my amount of followers (which is really low if you consider the average number of a standard influencer), I realized that I do put valuable life lessons among my community. I receive messages on a daily basis from both friends and engaging followers who are willing to learn more and more about my personal writing and the fashion world. In my case, they are happy to see more representation, more melanin and colors, and ideas, and visuals on their feed through my work. And this kind of engagement works at its best, better than some other professional influencers who only show the luxury and illusions that only an amount of pixels can trick you. Guys, it’s only a screen you’re staring at: is it all real what you’re seeing?

If you’re following someone that’s not trying to teach you anything, you need to revaluate who you’re following“, says Damion. And I couldn’t agree more. I was having a conversation with my best friend Lucilla, who told me that she uses Instagram for her studies: she’s a pre-med student. She makes sure to follow only people she can learn from. I do the same and make sure I maintain that vibe. What Damion said the other day only highlighted my thoughts and made them firmer. An influencer is someone who teaches you, who’s willing to talk about things that matter, makes topic matter and is open to building communicative bridges within their community and beyond.

I hope that this decade will have more and better content creators like Damion, whose personality is able to elevate one’s purpose. He’s such a beautiful human being and I hope the best of what fame and fortune can take, a constructive outcome and blessing. Much love Damion.

It’s wintertime, but make sure to stay hydrated. Drink green tea and water.

All the best as always,


the curly flower

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