curly, the flower – an anniversary

Dear readers,

What an MIA of mine, right? I know. Here I am again.

I’m in the middle of this Fall semester, senior year. Stuff is tough.

Today is an important day, though. Last year this day I cut my hair. The big chop was done.

After one complete year (actually, I cut my hair the 11th, but my internal decision was done this day last year, when I made the appointment to the Deva Curl salon in SoHo). I feel like that my hair texture has changed a bit. There are days that I think nothing is growing, my crown is still, but then I stretch it out and wow, it’s so long. I also believe that using the same hair products probably has not been the best decision ever. I tried to switch it up a bit, especially with the leave-in conditioners, but since they are a bit expensive (hi, I’am a college student) I tend to be less willing to try out new products and always rely on the ones that I know they will work for sure.

However, this summer I tried different shampoos and conditioners. When I was in Brazil I also had the most efficient products (and the weather played a big role too). In Puerto Rico the curls started popping more and more. By the time I was in Los Angeles, the weather those days was not in favor (lots of rain) and my hair seemed to have kept the same length. Back in New York, my routine was more stable and healthier, my diet was balanced, the heat was good enough, and as a consequence, my hair benefited from all of it.

Do I miss my big hair? I do. However, I’m seeing that these curls are healthier and stronger, more defined, with a more firm texture. And it’s all black, my natural color. For the longest time I was used to see myself with blonde highlights. So letting my crown grow all natural again it’s a fun process, I’m not gonna lie. In addition to its conditions, my hair was under different styles – box braids, corn-rows, all straight – and the results were so diverse and interesting. I could accessorize myself with hats, big earrings, brighter make up, and so much more. It was fun. Still is.

Here some visuals.

And here other visuals, where you can probably see the growth in its process.

I affirm that a chosen and balanced diet helps a lot, not only for your own body, but also for your hair. I’ve cut meat a lot this past year and replaced it with fish and other vegetarian/vegan proteins. I tend to be a pescatarian by choice, but I can’t say I’m a full vegetarian. I’m anemic, so I need to incorporate strong proteins in my body. For this reason I keep eating meat, even though its intake has drastically lowered.

Now we’ll wait for the next year.

Stay tuned.

Oh, yes. I’ll come back writing. There’s a lot going on. Uh, you’ll know, I swear… can’t serve you uncooked meal… it’s sizzling, though…


the curly flower

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