Summer pt.3 – Silence in the heat

Dear readers,

It’s so hot in NYC. It almost reached 100 Fahrenheit, and it’s no jokes. I still prefer the heat and the sweat than the cold and the freezing. It feels like summer, yay! Hot sun, hot sun, yay!

The silence method is werking. Yes, werking: full of vibes, excitement, and health!

Ok, less “!”.

July its coming to its end and in the midst of it a lot has come around on my mind. Financially speaking, I’m still an undergraduate college student who-interns-in-the-city, so I can’t say that I can afford that pair of Sergio Rossi stilettos that I’ve spotted in SoHo.

Damn, they were so cute.

I can’t afford a ticket flight to San Juan.

In this heat I could use a swim in the Caribbean, like in PR.

I can’t even pay a full Uber ride from where I live to Brooklyn – or let’s say that I can afford it, but I won’t be able to eat for the next three days. It be like that sometimes.

But I can say that now I know how and where to shop in Queens. I’ve found cheap and affordable places where I can get fed or but my groceries. I still need to eat meat from time to time, due to my high anemia. However, eating less red and white meat is helping my body.

Here’s the diet I’ve been following so far:

  • eat three times a day everyday (I can fast one day)
  • each meal should provide protein and iron (mostly fish or vegetables or salads like kale and spinach)
  • allow myself to eat meat (any type, preferebly chicken) once a week. I’m doing this because sometimes in June and early July I would feel too tired and that was because I had little iron.
  • drink water
  • Walnuts and blueberries are your go-to
  • try to go to the gym every day
  • walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk

Since my routine has leveled up and switched off the cycle I was afraid to be stuck in, I have observed the energies that have come across me lately. With an objective eye, I’ve broken down such analysis:

The vibes

My body is feeling a sort of on-going cleanse, slowly loading. Hence, my mind is highly affected by it. Sure, I’m still small and nothing drastically has changed in my body, I’m still me. But inside, my spirit is feeling something. Spending time alone and taking care of my body has been resourceful. Sure, I still question my worth because I don’t have any tangible blessings that I could think of yet, – my own home, my own money, my own career, my puppy, – but I’m grateful to my health and spirit. And karma is working on my favor, slowly, but it is. It’s a vibe that I enjoy being on, because I totally live in the present.

The excitement

Every time I get to meet a new person, a new job opportunity, a new creative gig, I observe their first impression they have on me, but I stop assuming what they might bring on the table. The only power I got is to hope that they will be good for me and that I will be good for them. It is exciting to hope, but not too much, and allow yourself to dream.

The health

I may not be rich in wallets, but like Alyssa said – I’m “richer in love”. July was a month where I reevaluated the psychology, the emotions, and the philosophies that are around and related to love. One specific aspect of love is being capable and willing to take care of your health – mental, physical, spiritual. Thanks to my friends, I had the chance to explore traditions vs conflicts, history vs cultures, responses vs fears, all concepts linked to the world of love and affection. And if you’re healthy you can do this. And if you’re healthy you should give your thanks on a daily basis. And if you’re healthy you will be more silent, patience, and keep track of your safe spaces.

These weeks I’ve also been following more worldwide news. I’m seeing what’s happening in my beloved Puerto Rico, in Hawaii, and in Sweden. I’m watching Gilmore Girls and many IGTV documentaries and series that boost my journalistic curiosity and sharp my entrepreneurial mind – always sharing them on my IG stories.

It’s a lot of multitasking, a bunch of fearful tears, smiles, sweat, and inner warmth. A mumbo-jumbo of feelings.



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