City of Angeles: an introduction

Dear readers,

mistakes happen all the time and the latest one I’ve recently done was forgetting my notebook and pen back in Queens, from where I left the Big Apple with so much excitement and relief. Despite the absence of my journalistic items, I’ve managed to track every thought and feeling on my phone and, of course, on my mind.

Wow, so I’ve made it: I’m in Los Angeles, the city of angels.

There’s so much to say about this city, this trip, this new me I’m becoming. I’ve figured that giving myself some time off from the digital screens, or even from the actual paper and ink, would be beneficial. Sure, I’ve taken pictures, watched tv series, and read books and articles in the meantime. I didn’t log out form the digital life – yet, lol.

I think that the best way to capture and break the lessons I’ve learned in this first trip to California should be done via a series of posts, each one with a theme. Ten small chapter for an unusual and unpredictable stay in LA – ten full days.

Right now it’s not even my very last day in LA. I’ll be leaving in two days, but it seems I’ve been here for a month. I’ve done so much and fun-sour fact: I still haven’t found myself.

Yes, you read it. I still have not found myself. See, I know what I can and want to bring on the table, but it’s the how that is confusing. I’m confused as a creative, as a young woman of colour, as an international student, as a heartbroken individual, and as a curlyflower.

I’d like to write about my arrival in West Hollywood, super sad and overwhelmed. I will tell you about my first hiking experience and how the distances in LA really are – so freaking long. I’ll definitely write about who I met and had the chance to talk to. I’ll show you pictures of my first sight of the Pacific Ocean. Plus, I’ll give you details about the creative scene here in this city full of lost angels. I’ll tell you about the story of a sweater, a book, and a giraffe.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to tell you a story Walt Disney’s or Warner Bros Studios- didn’t want to go there, real talk. I came here for me and I literally let the universe work for me. I took a rest and the planets decided to put me in situations with and without certain people.

But again, you should read it all soon.

Stay tuned, accept love, and be blessed,


the curly flower

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