My first internship

Dear readers,

The day has arrived and I can say it: I’ve officially completed my first internship at Essencia Air.

Now, when it comes to internships we’re talking about a world that it’s still pretty new to me and I’m sure it’s unusual to the majority of my Italian peers. In fact, most of them don’t get much the chance to “intern” or “work” while attending college, because it’s still not a real common thing down there. When I came to the USA one of the first things I’ve heard when I entered in college was the phrase “I want to get an internship as soon as possible”. Yes, in Italy we have things called “stage” (it’s A French word) or “tirocinio“, but we don’t tend to stress over them that much as here in US. American kids are very used to live in a society where work and capitalism is tangible and discussed, whereas in Italy these things exist, for sure, but… everything is slower, calmer, more… “La Dolce Vita” style I’d say. For this reason, getting an internship as an international student is a peculiar journey to take in consideration when studying abroad.

The things that I’ve learned at Essencia were beneficial and important – therefore something I’d like to share with you.

  • Time management

As a remote intern, you, my friend must know how to value your time. As a creative and full-time student, an emotional writer and artist, understanding how time works can literally… take time. If people don’t answer you, don’t wait for them, do your work by yourself. If people want you, they will make super sure to get in touch with you, no matter the field or project you’re dealing with. If you want to work with them, be consistent and hit them up. It’s Journalism 101, but it’s also General Life 101.

  • Sources and timing, timing and sources

For some posts I had to create, looking up for images and facts was a challenging task. As a visual learner, I had a hard time adjusting myself in learning new tools and softwares to do fast and accurate researches, but I managed to achieve that skill in a short time and now I’m pretty confident. Right, I’m a millennial, but I come from a country where most of the high school students deliver their homework and exams handwritten in cursive and researches are done with encyclopedias, books, and dictionaries. Yeah, that’s how it’s like to be a liceo classico student 🙂

  • Technology

Technology acts up from time to time. Keep trying. It’s ok to wait. But don’t wait too much. Your computer is your friend, but it can’t be you. It’s your tool, not your overall work. It will help you, but not do everything for you. Oh, I’ve learned it, copy.

  • Mental health

Ah, the hard pill to swallow. There are days when you need a social media break or a computer pause. The digital world is amazing, but also mesmerizing, and yes, poisonous if you’re way too much into it. Take breaks from a digital task to another – walk, go to the gym, take a shower, take a nap, read your books. It really helps.

  • Communication and networking

The team at Essencia was really helpful and understanding. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to meet anyone of them in person, but I have a great feeling they’re truly nice people. My supervisor and colleagues were there any time I needed them, and I hope I’ve left a good impact in their business. Despite some technical difficulties, communicating with them felt easy and comfortable. Behind a solid team there are genuine people, I believe that.

In terms of creating content, I’ve been more detailed in developing my journalistic skills. I’ve become more flexible in being interested in multiple topics, by combining them in an appropriate way in one blog post. I had to to get into financial literacy, in order to understand entrepreneurial systems, more about e-commerce culture, and investments – still topics I’m learning, and I really want to. When it comes specifically to Essencia, I also had to dive into the world of flowers, plants, and aesthetics. I feel I could’v written more and more, but when you’re a student, work remotely, and a creative based in the Big Apple… uh, a lot goes in your mind.

I think that as the curly flower, my internship at Essencia was a first successful step. I’m looking forward to exercise my writing and mold it in the most efficient and creative way, without losing myself in its tough process. Maybe your 20s are really about getting to know yourself through culture, entrepreneurship, and love. And the most rewarding activity that allows me to be and share my happiness is my writing.

Writing is life and life is a collection of a myriad of topics.

So, I’ve written about plants, fashion, and movies. Now what? Who knows, stay tuned, literally tuned, I guess.



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