Hold on, there’s another version of “Sex Education”

Dear readers,

the aftermath of depression is pretty tricky to understand. It is difficult to be back on one’s business after such somber moments, solitude, and an overwhelming sense of panic.

More than a month ago I watched the acclaimed Netflix series “Sex Education“. You can find the plot on another site, but basically, it is the story of this teenager boy named Otis, whose mom is a sex therapist. He knows a lot about sex in theory, but he has never practiced it. However, his sensibility makes him remarkable to helping some of his friends and colleagues at school, who are taking their baby steps into the world of sex. The show is a really good one, although still lacks representation. Sure, it’s the first season, it’s a tv show, it should be taken for what it is. Despite  I couldn’t really see myself as Otis or any other character in the series for real. Nevertheless, I learned a lot and I wish this show had been made when I was in high school myself. I would have learnt about masturbation, penetration, feminism, sexual pleasure. I had my own type of sex education, which I don’t regret it at all and I’m lucky to live it the way i want it, i could have used some other good tips and considerations.

Despite my past experiences and my thoughts on the show, today I got the chance to listen to the 13th episode of the Gurls Talk by Adwoa Aboah with Aimee Lou Wood and Emma Mackey, the main female characters in “Sex Education”.

I think this was one the best episodes I’ve listened to so far. It came in the right place and the right time, in a slightly hard moment I’m living.

I highly recommend listening to this episode, boys and girls. You are never too knowledgeable when it comes to love and sex and yourself.

Things I recorded in my mind and printed once again on my brain:

  • Do not to do shit just because everyone’s doing it. I was told several times to live the moment, do something that everybody does for once, have a one night stand. well, I got drunk for the first time. the next two days felt terrible. now I can tell that I got drunk but was I happy no. so yeah, when you feel in your gut to not do something but you just do it because you can lower yourself and be like everyone, just don’t. First time, no next time.
  • It is ok to have high expectations and wait. Whether it is sex, love, career decisions, friendships, lifestyles. be mindful and respect your conscience.
  • It is ok to show your emotions… even when you’re drunk, smh.
  • PS: now I can low-key relate to those alcohol smelling memes. Ugh!
  • It is fundamental to live your life with a goal set in your mind. I don’t know you, but I know what I want to do and be, but I don’t know how to get started or to proceed. I don’t think it’s just me. That’s why I keep writing on this blog of mine because I know someone out there can relate to all or some part of my mumbo-jumbo.
  • Sad moments are necessary to appreciate the best and most beautiful moments in the future. So true. I mean. Yes.
  • Stay in the present but be mindful of your future is correct. Learning from the past is important too. Again, so-true-I-mean-yes.

All of these points were discussed more in-depth, mostly related to sex and romantic relationships, between Adwoa Aboah and her guests. Besides this enlightening conversation, Adwoa has officially received her Barbie doll, called after her in name of her role model position – and there are other amazing people in this group, like Yara Shahidi.

From this podcast, I always get uplifting messages, but what I got from this specific episode was mainly one big lesson: it’s ok to wait. My life is worthy to be lived, to be narrated, and somehow I do matter. Maybe these months I just got blinded and didn’t remember well what I used to believe in.

It was nice hearing people in their 20s sharing experiences and thoughts very similar to mine. I’m not alone in this.

I don’t know where I’m actually going with this. But I just wanna say that even if I overthink – is that really bad to think that much? I mean… ops, look at me overthinking – and sometimes I feel I’m not enough, today I lived in the present. It’s almost midnight and another day will come up soon. Today was nice and I just needed to put this into words.



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