gnash – i could’ve seen him but i didn’t and it’s ok np

Dear readers,

I could’ve met gnash, but I didn’t because I had to attend an improvisation show in Manhattan with my Drama class. I didn’t regret the show, it was really nice. I know in my heart that I will eventually meet Garrett Charles Nash, aka Californian alternative/indie singer gnash.

The year was 2017 and it was my first Spring semester in college. I came across gnash’s music two years earlier, back in 2015, when I was still in my Florence.

One of the very few things from the typical-high-school-girls-package I had was the cult of a celebrity crush. Except for Audrey Hepburn and James Dean, I developed some sort of fan-love-admiration toward Charlie Puth and gnash.

For Charlie Puth it was for his songs, but also his background story – a college kid who thanks to Youtube reached out Ellen Degeneres’ attention and got the chance to make his own music on a larger and popular scale. I used to view that as an idea of the American Dream. But what about gnash? He simply was strong and straightforward, naive and sensitive with his lyrics. His songs spoke to me. During my hard times, I would listen to him and dream about me going to the United States. I wasn’t very into rap or hip hop until one year ago. Sure, I knew and liked some songs, but alternative/indie/pop (plus jazz and the oldies) music was the only cosmopolitan channel available, with which I used to practice my English. Mellow melodies to listen at night, to enjoy on the bus commute. Thanks to gnash I would relieve the tensions, worries, and anxieties that school and the future would constantly bring up.

gnash inspired me in many ways. His aesthetics developed my creativity, by incorporating pastel hues to my interior decorations. His fashion made me appreciate big sweaters and hoodies, followed by mom’s jean and round eyeglasses. His lyrics and its deep themes, the chill pace in his music and his music partner (and girlfriend) Rosa were inspirations for my poems’ tone. Also, his designs and drawings inspired my curly hair- doodles dolls. Plus, the fact that I always sign my name with no uppercase letters… that’s a gnash influence (whose name is spelled and known in lowercase).

In 2015 I went to Charlie Puth’s concert in Milan. He said my hair was gorgeous and I almost fainted. I got proof.

DSC_0228 (1)
one of the first photos with me and the big chop. earlier that year i used to straighten my hair so much. and charlie puth literally looked at me and said “your hair is so cool” – *this picture is so bad, we both look kinda terrible, but who cares, my heart was like *sigh of joy*

In 2017, already settled in New York, I bought the tickets to see gnash at the Irving Plaza in Manhattan. It was gonna be special because my mom would’ve come with me as well and it was the first time we would hang out in the city after months, just the two of us. It sounded all fabulous, but that same night I had to go to another venue and see a show for my drama class. So it went like this: I took my mom to the place where gnash would perform, stayed with her a bit on the line, and at the very last minute, we sold my ticket to a girl who was with her parents and sister: they got to the venue with the hope to find someone who would sell them a ticket, so that the whole family could attend the event. After giving the ticket to the girl ( I really wanted to meet you gnash but I had this class, ugh my heart) and making this family happy, I hugged and kissed my mom, and went uptown to attend the show with my class. The professor, who thought I wouldn’t make it, was very glad to see me, as well as my classmates. It was a really nice evening that one.

Once I was back in my dorm room, my mom sent me a photo with her and another guy who was playing with gnash…but it was not gnash, nor Goody Grace, or Imad Royal… no, it was MAX! At the time he was not that famous, but I already loved him. He become more known with “Turns lights down low“, one of his singles featuring gnash. My mom took a picture next to MAX without knowing who he was… fantastic! So my mom! Maybe it’s a mom’s think this one, taking pictures or talking to celebrities without knowing who they are and saying that they are cute? Maybe it’s just my mãe…

his round glasses, a lil inspo!

I’m sorry gnash, I missed your concert. I don’t regret it because if I hadn’t attended that improv show I would’ve never known what American improv is really like. For the very first time, I thought “I should keep my theatre interests alive”… but it was just a thought, that only lately has been growing in me more and more.

Besides, I needed to see and talk to Charlie Puth first because now he’s a famous and who knows when I will meet him again. I still have to give him my present I forgot to bring in Milan at his concert: that’s a mission I must complete sooner or later lol.

Don’t worry, though. I will meet gnash in his homeland. Cali. California, baby. Sooner or later, another mission I MUST accomplish.

After two years I’m listening again to you, gnash. I forgot how much I liked your songs. Thank you for sharing your emotions with your fans!

PS: listen to his latest album, “we” – super cute and sweet! xxx



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