The girl(s) from Ipanema

Dear readers,

Cutting my hair has been a tough decision. It took me a while before doing it for good, but after almost three months I can finally say that this new hairstyle has been helping me in many aspects.

  • I don’t fully rely on my hair anymore. I forced myself to take care of my skin and other parts of the body that were not taken care of properly – like my nails. As a person who suffered from OCD, I used to compulsively touch and break my nails, as well as pull and touch the upper part of my helix’s ears. Although I began to be aware of this unhealthy habit, I started to reduce those instincts once and for all last fall. It was worth it: now, in winter time, my nails got stronger and longer how they used to be. Same goes to my ear helixes, way less reddish.
  • There’s never a bad time to change or adopt a new look. However, I’m realizing that there’s no better time than in your 20s to experiment different style and make new habits for yourself. I’m kinda young! I made a sort of vow to myself while I was embracing this new hairstyle in Rio De Janeiro. I’m in my early 20s and for the next 10 years, I intend to conduct a healthy existence, a.k.a I want to do what I like to do – writing, traveling and swimming. Sure, I’d love to be loved by a man (or a woman) who appreciates me, my work and ethics, but I also understand that I (unfortunately? fortunately?) belong to that small percentage of girls and women who are meant to be free and cosmopolitan, both cheerful and calm, thoughtful and determined. No bad bitch, hoes, or low trashy vibes. In order to be that, there’s a specific lifestyle to embrace and enjoy. It’s gonna be tough, but I can’t be liked or loved if I am not 101% myself.
  • Yes, I can finally swim without taking such long post-workout showers! Yes, I can totally try out all of those faux locs, wigs, and colorful braids! Yes, I can wear any kind of hats now!
  • Speaking of braids, I had my short hair done and put some jumbo blue and black braids. I’ve always wanted to wear blue hair and as I’d imagined I loved it!

For my cousin’s gift de quinze anos (quinceañera in Hispanic countries) I planned a photoshoot in Ipanema and Copacabana, exclusively for my prima and I.

The photographer, Julia Narciso, is the founder of @artiinpic, a project devoted to represent and spread the African-Brazilian culture on social media. Julia is a bright girl, willing to show off her roots and local culture in such a creative and engaging way. She’s a young feminist, thoughtful in her mission and education. Another person I got the chance to learn from.

Obrigada Julinha,

(She got my same name… coincidences?)



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