My MIA explained

Dear readers,

to be MIA literally means “to miss in action”. I haven’t written much this summer, but let me tell you something: I haven’t been missing anything because I’ve acted and lived every minute of this season.


When it comes to writing, especially creative writing, inspiration is a must. Writers must be inspired by something otherwise their prose or poetic lines won’t shine much. Words are like colors. The fresher and clearer the pigments, the more remarkable and fascinating the colors’ hue will be. After tons of writing and readings done this last winter and spring, I felt the need to stop creating and instead of waiting for the right or favorable occasion I just decided to focus on being active. For this reason, I’ve voluntarily abandoned my poetry for a while, stopped reading tons of books and articles, and just seized the moment.

Was it worth it? Indeed yes.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-11 at 21.10.24

I’ve been learning a lot more about myself, my feelings, and what I want to bring into my existence. After this sort of MIA period, I think it’s best for me to focus on my mental and physical health, now more than ever, because I finally found out the things I intend to pursue in the next few years. There’s always an insecure sense, something that makes my spirit vulnerable to all the daily difficulties, something that exposes my fragility to the world, which seems cruel and greedy all the times and everywhere.

Am I ready to start a new season?


I’ll be honest and say that I’m both ready and highly unsure of what is gonna happen to me in the next few months. It’s such a grey area right now, at this moment.  A lot occurred these last three months, things that I would’ve never imagined that could ever be part of my life. For instance, me walking for the New York Fashion Week. This was such a constructive experience that made me realize two things: it is right to keep doing what you genuinely like and it is fine to stay humble as well as ambitious – both are beneficial, if well balanced. I also had the chance to understand more what it is like to be a model, the discipline and the concentration a person must perform, and all its physical and mental demands. A great, unique event. But back to the grey area… a lot has been and is still happening, and I simply don’t know yet how to translate this range of emotions. Should I keep writing poems? Should I start drawing again?

Two years ago my first-college-year-mind wouldn’t have ever thought that such a dork like me could develop this huge interest in fashion and especially modeling. They say to never look back, but from time to time it’s fine to glance at your past and see what you’ve accomplished or what’s still in progress. Last year I found out to have a poetic soul, what thing will be this year?

All I can say is to just stay tuned. If there’s something I’ve definitely learned this summer is that life constantly surprises you… and overall, so far, I’ve been pretty much blessed.



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