Bits of femininity in 2017

Twenty-seventeen has been quite of a vivid and fast-paced year. There were lots of political quarrels and several unexpected social outbursts, among which feminism and all its related issues played a particular role worthy of mentioning.

Feminism is one of those political-social movements that are constantly growing in our society, even though it is not always well recognized nor acknowledged in all over the world. Since its roots, feminism has been a form of social activism, whose advocates have helped and promoted women’s civil rights. Nevertheless, feminism still receives a lot of criticism due to the presence of some radical sides or acts of misandry in the movement itself.

Being a young woman myself, I believe that feminism should be put under the umbrella term of equalitarianism. If feminism truly is the belief that women and men should have equal rights and opportunities, then I would certainly see myself as a firm feminist: a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.

No matter how much effort or dedication people have got to say on feminism, its social form of activism is an important fact to be aware of in order to understand the present days and the future times of our global cosmopolitan society.

During this year, I’ve found many achievements done by women from all over the world – including Rupi Kaur’s poems – that have inspired me and I believe that they’re worth the mentioning.

Fashionable and passionate women

When it comes to fashion most of the times our minds place women in the modelling industries but only a few think about the entrepreneurship side. Here there are some performances that I’ve been witnessed this year so far in the world of fashion, both in the United States and in Italy, my home country. Models, entrepreneurs, and brand influencers who have achieved great goals in different inspirational ways.

Anastasia Lovera – Afro latina artist and model Anastasia Lovera has taken part in several fashion campaigns, along with her drawings. She’s a young feminist activist based in New York, who constantly inspires and lifts spirits up through her Instagram stories.

Nia The Light – With her majestic golden curls, Nia Pettit has conquered lots of hearts with her enlightening beauty advocacy, cosmopolitan vlogs, hair and makeup tutorials. Her 2017 was indeed a year full of adventures, visiting exotic places, and inspiring young kids and girl from all over the world.

Caramì –  Founded by two young Florentine sisters, Caramì is a new underwear and fitness shop that sells high-quality products all made in Italy. Caramì and its owners, Camilla and Carlotta, have set a fundamental goal in their work, which is to make women feel the most comfortable as possible in their own skin and bodies. Caramì is truly a modern and genuine example of feminine empowerment.

Nappytalia – Another example from Italy can be Nappytalia, a fashion firm whose advocacy is to spread the knowledge and the education of the afroitalian culture. Evelyne S. Afaawua and Cristina Samuel are one of the greatest examples of young strong women who are constantly working hard and getting wonderful rewards.

Women in Journalism

“The Silence Breakers” from TIME: Person of the Year


There are tons of data and statistics that illustrate the disparities between men and women in the workplace, healthcare, and politics. All these pieces of information clearly show the current status of the general women’s position in society.

However, this last year has seen some improvements in that horizon. Many women, including men, from acclaimed singer Taylor Swift to director Blaise G. Lipman, had the courage to speak up about the sexual allegations in the entertainment business, one of the most popular topics being discussed during this year.



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