A flowerbed of emotions

i woke up thinking the work was done
i would not have to practice today 
how naive to think healing was that easy
when there is no end point
no finish line to cross
healing is everyday work

– Rupi Kaur, the sun and her flowers



Here I am one month later writing again about Rupi Kaur’s poems. Reading “the sun and her flowers“, Kaur’s second collection of poems, has not only been a sweet and relaxing pleasure, but also a great way to improve my personal poetic writing.

How the poems carry their meanings

this is the recipe of life
said my mother
as she held me in her arms as i wept

think of those flowers you plant
in the garden each year
they will teach you
that people too
must wilt
in order to bloom

– Rupi Kaur, the sun and her flowers

Differently from her previous publication “milk and honey“, the works in this book cover a wider variety of subjects – from personal love stories to social feminist empowerment. The poems flow gently, with both a sharp and modern tone. Readers will find it easy to connect with them even if some of the facts narrated might not relate to one’s personal experience. Kaur has tried to address big topics along short and tender poetic lines, and she successfully accomplished the task.

The chapters

Most of the terms used in “the sun and her flowers” are generally related to the world of nature – such as flowers and gardens. Some of these natural references can be noticed in the titles of the chapters the book is divided into.


The first section is dedicated to the first elements of a break up that a relationship can face. Usually, it’s the time when a person starts changing perspectives and sees his or her partner with different eyes.


The moment when a relationship breaks is one of the most difficult experiences an individual can ever experience. It is a hard period of time, and when it comes to overcoming these kinds of emotions patience is the only answer to all the doubts one might have.


Between sadness and happiness, there’s a moment of transition, which is both full of hope and confusion. This happens not only in one’s love life, but in any kind of relationship –  with family, friends, and themselves.


It is said that after the storm, there’s the rainbow. The author encourages herself and her readers to take care of life, which is an amazing thing to experience. A brighter joy is at the corner after a dark period of time, when obstacles and struggles have weakened one’s mind and body.


Love isn’t a deep affection just to prove to someone else. It is a vital part of life that has to be nurtured and taken care of firstly by themselves. The collection ends with a series of empowering considerations, including social matters like feminism, solidarity, and global environment.

A personal healing

In times like these, when women find it hard to accept and embrace their own nature, a book like “the sun and her flowers” could function as a medicine. Kaur’s words reassured my own perception of self-love. Most importantly, I had the chance to be reminded that it is fine to make mistakes and accepts struggles. Because through struggles we all learn something, no matter how sad or joyful it might be.


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