A Tweet that sets your critical thoughts in motion

Last Sunday night Las Vegas was hit by a huge bloody massacre. People attending a Country music festival concert suddenly became part of a crime scene. For almost 9 minutes a series of gunshots were heard from the people at the concert. A 64-year-old American citizen is the author of this mass homicide. More than 520 people have been wounded, and almost 60 people died.

It is never good to perform a big outburst by criticizing or saying affirmations. As risky as it looks like, the best thing would be to give a considered opinion on what is going on with the issues that one is asked about. Making conscious declarations may take time, but when it comes to a tragedy our minds should process our thoughts as soon as possible, and be clear with whatever position we stand for.

Everyone has said something. President Trump has made his speech towards the fact. Many celebrities, journalists, and academics have declared their own grief and sadness.

No, not everyone has spoken out. The National Rifle Association has not stated anything yet regarding what occurred in Las Vegas.

Fake news was present in this event too, especially on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The following day the massacre I was scrolling down my Twitter feeds and here following is the post that made my mind think before moving up my thumb on my iPhone screen:

“Too many people have accepted the normality of mass slaughter as a necessary sacrifice to an amendment written when guns held 1 bullet.” – @_ElizabethMay

American anthropologist and writer Elizabeth May made a good point. The world, from Europe to the United States, has recently seen so many attacks, terrorist acts, and mass slaughter. They are almost the normality, a crude and horrible routine.

People must feel safer. But how should people end such a succession of attacks? Can we really prevent them?

As Elizabeth May has written in her Twitter post, the Second Amendment was put into words in a time when guns were the only weapons to secure a possible safety.

In the eighteenth century issues were regulated differently. First of all, there were not many people as there are nowadays. Society was strictly labeled and grouped in specific categories, so there was the need get protection in order to get some personal defense. Owning a gun was a status quo symbol. Fortunately, today it doesn’t work this way. There are many other paths to get protection. However, I may understand that purchasing a gun so that one can safely live in rural areas – where Mother Nature host a lot of dangerous animals like bears, snakes or wolves – can be convenient. Nevertheless, a gun owner must be conscious of what kind of tool is holding in his hands.

Technology plays a role too. Centuries ago guns were not as powerful as the ones that industries produce today.

So can we really prevent mass slaughters? The answer might be negative. Those are issues bigger than a citizen, who is not able to carry all the weight that those facts can bring. A single common individual cannot solve such episodes. Neither a president, due to time and other dynamics that bring other kinds of powers and responsibilities.

Singer and songwriter Rosanne Cash is right when she says that the United States shouldn’t be quiet in times like this. Explanations, outcomes, solutions, opinions should be the answer to every question that any American is asking to themselves. The NRA shouldn’t have been quiet but should have the guts to speak up and tell their own opinion, as a company, lobby and big political organization.

But can we get more solid and better guns regulations? Yes, the government can absolutely do this. If there’s a change in the Constitution it doesn’t mean that the patriotism collapses or the sense of History disappears: the United States can become a more efficient nation if people who run it rewrite an amendment. Nothing but good will happen in the future if such an action will be taken.

All I can do in my small online corner and with my own liberty of expression is to affirm an opinion. Guns policies should be revised. New efficient policies must be made as soon as possible. The fact that happened in Las Vegas did not occur because of the mere presence of guns: guns are tools that will forever exist. It’s who hold those tool who make a difference, how they obtain those materials, and how aware they are of what kind of object it is. Sometimes their presence can preserve individuals from difficult situations. However, this does not justify a massacre.

Safer environments, fewer tragedies. People need to defend themselves as well as they need the feeling to be safe.

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