To be a daisy

A couple of days ago, while I was checking my e-mail,  I found an article called “Starting Your Day On The Internet Is Damaging Your Brain” by Srinivas Rao. Captured by the title, I clicked on the link and started reading the piece.

I honestly don’t know how to identify myself. I love early mornings as well I fancy pulling a long all-nighter. Nevertheless, if I must make a choice between an early bird and an owl, I would stick with the first one. If I don’t sleep enough, in the long run, I’ll eventually become very irritable and extremely weak. I’d rather go to bed around midnight than to fall asleep at 3 am.

So the point was made: I like waking up early.

First of all, it was a very well structured article in my opinion. Simple words, no redundancies, straightforward, and clear. The author basically talks about how to set a productive morning routine without Internet, which apparently is a bad thing to start the day with.

As a young woman living in the social media era, I believe that technology has turned to be both an incredible and evil tool. The root of the problems can be found in the alarm clock option in our smartphones devices. Most of the people check their phones when they have to wake up. As a consequence, they open their multiple apps and start scrolling down the screen.

I used to do that, and it was a bad thing. Here’s why.

Switch off the alarm, squint the eyes, open WhatsApp. Mom’s message, Dad’s texts, my friends’ group’s drama going on. Time-zones issues: you have to keep up the facts and the gossip with 6 hours difference. This is not even the nut of the problem: social media, they can be so bad. Facebook on: whose birthday is today? Oh congrats, you’re engaged. Well my friend, enjoy your vacation in the Bahamas.

First mood: what am I doing with my life? Everyone is having so much fun, while I’m in college without my family, trying to make something for my future.

Let’s check Instagram. Oh come on, everyone is super thin, amazingly stunning and wonderfully in shape. Bye, I’m out. Happy for them, but I can’t compete with that.

Same goes with Snapchat, Twitter, and so on.

See? Here comes the struggle: I start the day with the idea that there’s someone better than me.

Analysing this kind of routine made me realize something: a daisy. I want to be a daisy from now on.

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, the word “daisy” comes from the Old English “day’s eye”, because it opens in the morning and closes at night. As a daisy, I decided to get the most from the mornings and to relax at night. Open my eyes at dawn and be thankful for the day I’m about to live until it’s bedtime.

Rao says that meditation should be an essential part of one’s morning routine, but I don’t have time and will for that. Or maybe my type of meditation is different.

Meditation for me is focusing on myself, on my readings and my drawings. Picking up a pen, write something down, draw some doodles. Turn up my music on, reading some articles online. That’s my kind of my daily meditation that I reserve for myself when I wake up.

I like social media, I won’t lie. But before checking any social account I like to spend some quality time with myself, without seeing what others look like, what others have accomplished, what others have been or got that I probably won’t ever have. I shouldn’t let a photo or a random post define how my life looks like. I have a life, and that’s already incredibly marvelous. Like everyone else, I have to behave and work at my best in order to succeed. For this reason, I can’t let myself down. I have to keep my positivity up.

My positivity is a must. I can’t let it go. If I’m happy with myself and my rewards, I’ll be able to look others in a merrier way. I won’t punish or hate myself for not being someone’s else. I’ll be thankful for what I’ve achieved, gained and received.

To be a daisy is more than waking up early. To be a daisy is about to be the day’s eye, to be alert of your surroundings, see what’s around you and be aware of what’s going to happen to you during the day.

I don’t know what kind of flower I am, but a piece of me wants to be a daisy. Because it’s healthy, good, and genuine.

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