A floral dream

My mom says I’m special and she’s right. I bet your mother said that as well. If not she, you could’ve heard those words from your father, a relative, a friend, an acquaintance. Whoever has told you this, he or she is incredibly right.

Everyone’s got a feature, that unique piece of your body, mind or soul that is worth sharing with the world: that quality you’ve got is able to make you feel irreplaceable.

Here’s my story, a true non-filtered one.

There are many things that I don’t like about my appearance, but without question, I do appreciate my hair.

When I was in middle school I hated my hair: extremely curly and so different from the other girls’. Back in high school, I got tired of straightening my hair just to look like the majority of the people around me. I decided to cut it and I gradually started embracing my hair the way it has always been: curly, puffy and voluptuous. I don’t regret my decision. Now more than ever I can proudly show to the world my hair as a symbol of personal self-love, self-esteem, and courage.

This was the first step to recognize and understand how little things can change a person by making them a better and more positive individual.

As a flower, I aim to vividly blossom and turn into a marvelous life form, which can live, learn and possibly inspire others.

My intention is to keep up with this positivity, explore how people find their daily dose of optimism, and see how wonderful life can be within small gestures, talks, and characteristics.


the curly flower

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